Amon Amarth - 2012 - Live at Wacken Open Air

Amon Amarth 
Live at Wacken Open Air 2012
Wacken, Germany

01. War of The Gods.
02. Runes To My Memory.
03. Destroyer Of The Universe.
04. Death In Fire.
05. Live For The Kill.
06. Cry Of The Blackbirds.
07. Fate Of Norns.
08. Pursuit Of Vikings.
09. For Victory Of Death.
10. Victorious March.
11. Twilight Of The Thunder.
12. Guardians Of Asgaard

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Pink Floyd - 1990-06-30 - Knebworth (2 DVD Full)

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Queen - The Rare Video Collection Vol.1 Of 2 (4DVD set)

The Rare Video Collection Vol.1 Of 2 (4DVD set)

Disc 1:
Keep Yourself Alive (Brewer Street Studios)
Keep Yourself Alive (St. Johns Wood Studios)
Keep Yourself Alive (Old Grey Whistle Test Version)
Liar (Brewer Street Studios)
Liar (St. Johns Wood Studios)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Top Of The Pops Version)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Top Of The Pops with audience)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Greatest Hits Version)
Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops Version)
Killer Queen (Dutch TV Version)
Now I'm Here (Greatest Hits Version)
Stone Cold Crazy (Classic Queen Version)
Stone Cold Crazy (Encino Man Version)

Disc 2:
Bohemian Rhapsody (Top Of The Pops Version)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Wayne's World Version)
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Top Of The Pops Version)
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Greatest Hits Version)
We Are The Champions (Top Of The Pops Version)
Bicycle Race (EMI Holland Promo “Cocaine” Word)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (BBC Version)
Another One Bites The Dust (Different scenes and shortened)
Flash’s Theme (Different film clips and dialogue)
Under Pressure (Promo Version - different footage)
Body Language (Original Version)
Back Chat (Original Version)
Calling All Girls (Original Version)

Bohemian Rhapsody (BBC Recreation)
We Are The Champions (Scenes Unseen)

Media : ProShot
Menu: Yes
Chapters : Yes

Video Format : NTSC/4:3
Audio1 Format : AC3/6 Ch/448 Kbps
Audio2 Format : PCM/2 Ch/1 536 kbps
DVD Cover Full Resolutin included

QueenRARVol1_DVD1.part1.rar - 1024.0 MB
QueenRARVol1_DVD1.part2.rar - 1024.0 MB
QueenRARVol1_DVD1.part3.rar - 491.3 MB

QueenRARVol1_DVD2.part1.rar - 1024.0 MB
QueenRARVol1_DVD2.part2.rar - 1024.0 MB
QueenRARVol1_DVD2.part3.rar - 999.2 MB




THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND - Live Compilaton - 1972-1976

Thanks To Original Uploader "andrzej"

Live Compilaton - 1972-1976

1.John Peel In Concert - Marquee Club, London, UK 1972
  No Lights On The X-mas Tree
  St. Anthony
  Video: 8,72 Mbps
  Audio: AC 3256Kbps
  TT: 22,19
  Lineage:Trade DVD-R (compilation - Tmpgenc DVD Author 1.6)

2.Ragnarock Festival, Norway 1974
  Midnight Moses
  Video:6,45 Mbps
  Audio: AC3 256 kbps
  TT: 13:59
  Lineage:Trade DVD-R (compilation - Tmpgenc DVD Author 1.6)

3.Old Grey Whistle Test , BBC TV Studios, London 1973-1975
  Next - 12. 1973
  Faith Healer - 12. 1973
  Give My Compliments To The Chef - 1974
  Delilah -30.05.1975
  Video: 4,00 - 8,00 Mbps
  Audio: LPCM 1536 kbps
  TT: 13:59
  Lineage:Trade DVD-R (compilation - Tmpgenc DVD Author 1.6)

4.Supersonic & Top Of The Pops, 1976
  Boston Tea Party (TOTP 10.06.1976)
  Gamblin' Bar Romm Blues (Supersonic 1976)
  Delilah (Supersonic 1976)
  Runaway (Supersonic 1976)
  Boston Tea Part (TOTP 08.07.1976)
  Video: 4,40 - 8,00 Mbps
  Audio: LPCM 1536 kbps
  TT: 18:17
  Lineage:Trade DVD-R (compilation - Tmpgenc DVD Author 1.6)


DVD5 Size : 4.18 GB
Media : ProShot
Menu/Chapters : Yes/Yes
Duration : xxhxxmnxxs

Video Format : PAL/4:3/Standard
Frame rate : 25.000 fps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 576 pixels

Audio Format : AC3
Bit rate : 256 Kbps
Channels (s) : 2 Channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 Khz
DVD Cover Full Resolutin included

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The Sensation.part01.rar
The Sensation.part02.rar
The Sensation.part03.rar
The Sensation.part04.rar
The Sensation.part05.rar
The Sensation.part06.rar
The Sensation.part07.rar
The Sensation.part08.rar
The Sensation.part09.rar
The Sensation.part10.rar
The Sensation.part11.rar
The Sensation.part12.rar
The Sensation.part13.rar
The Sensation.part14.rar
The Sensation.part15.rar
The Sensation.part16.rar
The Sensation.part17.rar
The Sensation.part18.rar
The Sensation.part19.rar
The Sensation.part20.rar
The Sensation.part21.rar

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Black Sabbath - 1994-09-01 - Santiago, Chile

Black Sabbath
Monsters Of Rock Festival
Santiago, Chile

1 Intro
2 Time Machine
3 Children Of The Grave
4 Children Of The Sea
5 I Witness
6 Into The Void
7 Black Sabbath
8 Neon Knights
9 War Pigs
10 The Wizards
11 Cross Of Thorns
12 Symptom Of The Universe
13 Headless Cross
14 Paranoid
15 Iron Man
16 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


DVD5 Size : 3.00 GB
Media : ProShot
Menu/Chapters : No/No
Duration : x1h30mnxxs

Video Format : NTSC/4:3/Standard
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 480 pixels

Audio Format : AC3 
Bit rate : 192 Kbps
Channels (s) : 2 Channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 Khz
DVD Cover Full Resolutin included

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